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No "Press 1 For English" Here! - We have one of the best technical departments in the country

We are based in Atenas, our staff is highly qualified to resolve any inquiry or problem you may have without being transferred to multiple departments.

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Fiber to the home, FTTH, FTTX
The demand for Fiber Optical service in Costa Rica is increasing. CRWIFI is now providing fiber optical service to businesses for both Internet and Intranet. Fiber coupled with wireless provides an extremely redundant and reliable connection to the Internet and a rock solid LAN platform.

Early in February we began providing service in northern Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Internet in Tamarindo and Flamingo area is provided by microwave transmitters located at key locations in the town areas and the surrounding mountains. We offer a full line of commercial and residential Internet services and also will be working with local businesses, hotels, condos, and vacation rentals in the area to improve Hot Spot coverage and quality.

We now have a data center in Atenas with a 100 meg on site. This allows us increased redundancy, and some of the lowest latency in the country.

We have now added many more transmitters so that we have 80% coverage of the central valley. We now also cover San Ramon and parts of Puriscal.

Network latency and consistency of bandwidth is something we are always working on to stay a few steps in front of the competition. We do this to insure our clients not only have high speed downloading, but also it makes for ultra fast browsing and excellent communications with applications like Skype, MagicJack, and VoIP based devices. Our two primary fiber connections allow us to provide some of, if not the lowest latency times into North America of all other major providers for residential service.

Our new data center was designed in a modular form allowing for rapid expansion, simple maintanance, and the ability to offer specific services to both our residential and commercial Internet clients.