About Us

Internet Services Provided by CRWIFI Ltda

We use a network of transmitters tied directly into two different fiber backbones in San Jose. The transmitters in this network are owned by CRWIFI with no third parties involved. The system uses a modular design that allows for rapid growth with little or no impact on current subscribers. We cover 100's of square miles in Costa Rica including the San Jose Central Valley, Puriscal, Puntarenas, San Ramon and northern Guanacaste including Tamarindo and Flamingo. We are always looking for new areas of coverage. If you live in an area that currently does not have high quality Internet and have a few others that would also sign up, let us know.

Speeds up to 100 megabits available

Residential customers can choose from 1Mbps to 6Mbps download speeds with variations of most packages. Business clients can obtain symmetrical connections up to 50Mbps. Our equipment can provide these speeds up to 50 kilometers from the main transmission sites.

Common Questions

  • Internet Network diagramCan I have more than one computer? Sure, we allow up to 12 Internet devices per household. This includes: desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, smart phones, Vonage, Skype, MagicJack, and game consoles such as Nintendo WII, and Playstations.

  • Is your service wireless in our home?We provide you with a single network cable. From there you will provide the means of distribution in your home or business. This can be done with the use of a hub, switch, router, wireless router, or access point to allow the use of multiple devices. Or, you can just connect a single computer if you wish. (We are not responsible for your local network and all distribution devices have to remain in bridge mode)

  • Can I use a VPN to access another network such as my place of work? Yes, our system supports the use of VPN connections for business or pleasure. VPN's are a great way to improve security while making financial transactions such as online purchases and banking. They also help greatly for remote access to other networks.

  • How well does your network support game consoles? At this time approximately 10% of our current clients have some form of game console. Also many other clients play online games by use of their PC. In two years we have never received one complaint. Our core network latency is extemely low comming in under 8ms. Primary fiber connections into the US have round trip ping times of 55 to 85ms. Our service has a very low jitter rate which will insure consistent speed.

  • Can I use your system part time, such as vacation status when away? Yes, we do offer vacation status on accounts. There are some limitations and basic requirements you have to meet. We do require an account to be active a minimum of six months out of each year.


Fiber to the home, FTTH, FTTX
The demand for Fiber Optical service in Costa Rica is increasing. CRWIFI is now providing fiber optical service to businesses for both Internet and Intranet. Fiber coupled with wireless provides an extremely redundant and reliable connection to the Internet and a rock solid LAN platform.

Early in February we began providing service in northern Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Internet in Tamarindo and Flamingo area is provided by microwave transmitters located at key locations in the town areas and the surrounding mountains. We offer a full line of commercial and residential Internet services and also will be working with local businesses, hotels, condos, and vacation rentals in the area to improve Hot Spot coverage and quality.

We now have a data center in Atenas with a 100 meg on site. This allows us increased redundancy, and some of the lowest latency in the country.

We have now added many more transmitters so that we have 80% coverage of the central valley. We now also cover San Ramon and parts of Puriscal.

Network latency and consistency of bandwidth is something we are always working on to stay a few steps in front of the competition. We do this to insure our clients not only have high speed downloading, but also it makes for ultra fast browsing and excellent communications with applications like Skype, MagicJack, and VoIP based devices. Our two primary fiber connections allow us to provide some of, if not the lowest latency times into North America of all other major providers for residential service.

Our new data center was designed in a modular form allowing for rapid expansion, simple maintanance, and the ability to offer specific services to both our residential and commercial Internet clients.