Internet Service Coverage in Central Costa Rica

We offer residential and commercial Internet service in the central valley including San Jose, Alajuela, Grecia, Atenas, Escazu, Santa Ana, San Ramon, and Puntarenas. We will be increasing our coverage area on a regular basis. Please check our coverage map at the bottom of the page to see if you qualify for possibly the best Internet experience you will ever find in Costa Rica.

Our clients will tell you that for reliability, support, billing, uptime, and consistent speeds that CRWIFI is by far the best Internet service provider they have ever had. We have countless emails from people that have moved into Costa Rica stating that CRWIFI's Internet is far superior to what they have back home. Whether you live in town or in the remote mountain areas we can provide you fast service that is not subjected to the downfalls of DSL, or Cable Internet. Our competitors are constantly dealing with broken power and phone lines, damaged cables from trees, car accidents, contruction, and poor programming on primary routers. Your account is another number to them and their support and quality will prove it. We are not the cheapest service on the block, and bargin hunters will find little here. Yes, if your looking for business class service at your home or office and have to be able to depend on it's reliability, then CRWIFI Ltda. will exceed your needs.

We now offer standard residential internet plans ranging from 1Mbps to 12Mbps, and commercial grade service up to 50Mbps and more. The design of our network is very secure, easy to maintain, and extremely fast. Current testing on the primary network has shown speeds at clients home to run well over 50Mbps. Residential clients don't need to have Internet speeds that are so fast, but this insures that there are no bottle necks in our system. The connection quality you will receive will be for more stable, faster, and much more reliable than ADSL, DSL, and Cable Interent. Distribution of Internet using a wireless network is not impacted by weather, and you don't have to rely on all the telephone poles and copper wires running all over the place. We connect straight into fiber and transmit it directly to your home or business. This means there is far less issues with latency, variable speeds, and downtime. CRWIFI guarantees the quality of your high speed Internet with a *100% Money back guarantee.

Residential Installation Cost and Information

  • Wireless Internet Point to Multi PointHow much does the install cost?A standard residential install is $150. This includes the installation of up to 20 meters of network cable, the connectors, power supply, and the antenna. If the installation requires additional work, cable, tall pole, parts, or detailed cable routing, the price will increase. This will be discussed before the installation so there are no surprises. All installed equipment remains the property of CRWIFI Ltda.

  • Service we provideWe provide you with a single network cable to connect to a computer, router, or switch. From there you will provide the means of distribution in your home or business. That can be done with the use of a hub, switch, router, wireless router, or access point to allow the use of multiple wireless devices. Or, you can just connect a single computer if you wish. CRWIFI does not sell wireless routers. We can setup a wireless router for you while on site if you have it available. (We are not responsible for your local network, any devices on the network, or the configuration of your computers. All distribution devices have to remain in bridge mode and wireless transmitters (AP's) must use encryption)

Commercial Internet Services Available

Internet Hot Spots in Costa Rica are very common in hotels, condominiums, apartments, restaurants, resorts, and other businesses. We can design a small system for your location covering one area or a large system that can provide wireless service up to thousands of square meters. If you have a single office at home, or a complex with fifty condominiums and need reliable wireless or hardwired networking, let us know. We will work with you to determine the best solution to your needs and do so within your budget. Our prices are very affordable and we offer many solutions that our competition can't provide. We will also service, upgrade, and or maintain existing systems. Our estimates are free, and as always we offer a *money back guarantee.

Common Questions

  • Secure, safe, and reliable wireless InternetDoes weather or wind impact service?Our antennas work perfect in heavy rains, severe wind, and severe heat from direct sunlight. The internet service will not slow down or speed up based upon the weather or the time of the day

  • Can I get service in your coverage area?First you need to look at the map at the bottom of the page and see if your location is in one of the shaded areas. CRWIFI requires that our antenna at your location has a perfect view of a transmitter. Sometimes these transmitters can be up to 40 kilometers or more away. If your location has a good view of the surrounding area and it's not down in a deep ravine or canyon, you probably can get our service. We do not charge for a site survey if you call and order service with us. We have transmitters on Poas, above Grecia, multiple points around the western central valley including Atenas, Escazu/Santa Ana, Alajuela, Puntarenas, and above Orotina. We are always expanding as well.

  • Speed with 3G, DSL, and cable varies a lot.CRWIFI does not have variable speed issues. Our design and management of our core routers allows us to always have more internet available than what our clients need. Unlike much of our competition, we do not over sell our core networks ability. Your speeds will be the same at 8PM as they are at 4AM in the morning.

  • Do you offer vacation status? Yes, you can speak to anyone on our staff and they can give you all the details. There are some restrictions that apply. We do require your account to be active a minimum of six months out of each year.

  • Will I have voice quality issues? CRWIFI Ltda. has been providing excellent quality Internet here in Costa Rica for over four years. Our clients praise the voice quality they find all the time while using Skype, Vonage, Google Talk, MagicJack, and many other VoIP related services.

Central Costa Rica Coverage Area. You can click the link below to zoom in!

Commercial & Residential Coverage
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